Member Spotlight Spring 2020

Continuing with our spotlight on members, the next member to be found in its beam is a long-time resident of Waxhaw who is known around town for her compassion, service, and her ability to build communities that make this area a better place for all of us.  The second member spotlight shines on…

Joni Case

Joni is indeed a force to be reckoned with!  With her boundless energy and her creative spirit in partnership with her strong desire to help others, Joni is truly able to build communities wherever she finds need.  

In 2015 when Joni became a retired teacher, she discovered a love of creating jewelry.  Combining her newly found interest in jewelry with her passion for helping others, she began working with Fashion and Compassion, an organization that strives to create empowered communities where vulnerable women connect with God, one another and resources that enable them to begin to thrive.  Her next experience was with Project 658, a Christ-centered, holistic ministry providing services for at-risk families in Charlotte, moving them toward sustainability; with a key focus on the international and refugee communities. 

Wow… that’s a lot of jewelry to make!  So Joni needed some help, and what better way to find help than to seek out those who could in turn, be helped.  

And Beads of Hope was born!  Beads of Hope (“Designing Dreams, Pursuing Potential”) is an organization currently made up of 8 artisans and 2-4 volunteers.  Each Beads of Hope artisan labels the jewelry pieces she creates, and all profits are distributed to artisans based on how many pieces they sell.  Working together, artisans develop new skill sets (including life skills), increase self-confidence, and engage the imagination as they creatively manufacture beautiful earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.  Perhaps it’s best said using the organization’s mantra… “artisans experiencing the power of hope, potential, and promise.  The beautiful jewelry created by this group of extraordinary women is carefully crafted and prayed over.”  A new community was built!

So when Joni is not busy with the ladies at Beads of Hope, or helping to support the efforts of the Community Shelter of Union County, or producing needlepoint treasures, or running, or loving on her brand new baby granddaughter, she hangs out with the ladies of the Waxhaw Woman’s Club.  And we’re glad she does.

If you’d like to contribute to the Beads of Hope community, visit, click on the “Donate Now” button and select “Beads of Hope” from the Funds options.

Do you know a Waxhaw Woman’s Club member who should be in the spotlight? To nominate someone (or self-nominate), please contact Nancy Goth.

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